Number of Sub/Stoppages 21/22 (updated 19/09/21)

The Referee Operations Department have created the attached table showing the current position (25/08/21) in relation to both the number of substitutes / stoppages allowed for “normal” substitutes and also a list of which competitions are using the Concussion substitutes in 2021-2022. We will try to keep this up to date in line but please always refer to the extranet prior to matches to confirm this is still the up to date table.

With regard to Concussion substitutes please ensure you fully understand the process and the reporting mechanisms in place for the extranet (a drop down option should be available when reporting subs – normal or concussion). Only choose “Concussion” for the player that actually was concussed – all other subs are “normal”.

Full information on the IFAB process and the process to follow during a match can be found in the following link to the IFAB (Protocol B) – note NO return substitutes are allowed under our protocol:

Substitutes by Competition 2021-2022 as at 16092021

A Message from Martin Clark – Nicole Palmer

Message from Martin

It was with regret that our physiotherapist (Nicole Palmer) decided to retire from attending our weekly training sessions. However, I think it only appropriate to officially record my appreciation for the professional guidance and assistance she has afforded to a number of our members over the years she has been with us.

Nicole will undoubtedly be missed by us, albeit it is comforting to know that she is to remain working with the referee department and attending various training events and fitness tests. Consequently, she will still come into contact with those on the senior list.

Notwithstanding, I am confident the members will join me in wishing Nicole continued success, both in her personal life and professional career going forward.

Association Manager

An Hour with George…

An hour with George…

Sadly in 2019 our first and only Honorary Life President George Smith passed away. George had an unprecedented career which spanned over a remarkable 58 years where he served both as a referee and later as a Referee Observer.

It was the intention of the management committee to raise money at our Annual Dinner in 2020 for Blood bike Scotland which was a charity close to George and his family, unfortunately due to COVID the dinner was postponed. We would still like to raise money for this charity and therefore would like to encourage members to take part in “An Hour with George”.

As an Association we wanted to do a 24 hour charity event, which we would ask each participant to do an hour of running, walking or cycling at a designated time slot (these could be early in the early hours of the morning).

This will start on Tuesday 15th June at 16.00 which is exactly 31 years to the date and time of George’s World Cup Match at Italia 90 between Austria vs Czechoslovakia. with the aim to finish on Wednesday 16th.

If you would like to take part please email Calum Doyle or send us a message through our Facebook/Twitter with your email address.

If you would like to support by donating please see following link –

New Years Message from Association Management and President

2020 a year which none of us could have predicted, it has been tough within the game and especially on our personal lives. At times many of us have felt deflated, however there were still positives to take away as an Association. Below Association Management and our President have written some words on this unprecedented year:

George Calder, EDRA President
Dear members

It goes without saying that it was been a somewhat indifferent year for everyone. It will no doubt have effected some more than others on both a personal and professional level, however it’s difficult to comprehend a pandemic that would have affected the footballing family the way this has. That said, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel with a vaccination in circulation and the hope that football, with fans will return at all levels sooner rather than later.

As an association, we have endeavoured to keep everyone engaged and updated the best we could. Massive challenges have been faced and that was just with getting to grips with technology, which like most was certainly new ground for me and probably the majority of others. We have managed to adapt and overcome, and undoubtedly will benefit going forward to tap into that wider audience.

Despite the difficult year, there has been a stand out achievement with the appointment of Mr Graeme Leslie to the Scottish Cup final. A fantastic achievement and one which will remain in the memories of Graeme and his family for years to come, well done.

Personally I would like to wish all members and your families a prosperous 2021

Please stay safe and have a fabulous Hogmanay.

Kind regards

George Calder
EDRA President

Martin Clark, Mark Doyle & Calum Murray
Association Manager, Assistant Association Manager and Referee Committee Representative

As we reach the end of a calendar year, It has been the norm to make comment regarding the highlights achieved during the 12 months we are about to leave behind.

Prior to doing so, we are confident you will agree that it’s been a period we won’t forget and one we will all be delighted to see behind us.

However, even when faced with adversity endured, it is said one should look for the positives that have occurred to assist with our resilience and help drive us forward.

During the year much of our activity went online be it hosting Association Meetings, the New Entrants Referee class, holding zoom fitness sessions in Jimmy Ramage’s back garden to the amazing turnout at the two Category- Regional Training Days for our category 4-7 referees which saw a record attendance from the Association

With that in mind, it is worth noting that a number of officials received promotion in May, indeed one of the most successful years for the EDRA in that regard, and certainly under my tenure as Association Manager.

A number of our referees were accepted on the SCORE programme, thus continuing the pattern of success set by their EDRA colleagues in previous seasons.

Vikki Allan retained her position on the FIFA list, aptly demonstrating that even if times are difficult, hard work can bring rewards. Vikki has also made the first step towards achieving her goal in terms of operating at a similar level on the domestic scene by securing promotion to Cat4D.

It would be remiss of us if we did not make special mention of Graeme Leslie, who was appointed as one of the SAR’s to the 2019/20 Scottish Cup Final, during which he performed exceptionally well and assisted in maintaining, not only his high personal standard but also that of the reputation of this Association.
Thank you Graeme

We wish all members continued success and wish them and their respective loved ones a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2021.

Martin Clark, Mark Doyle and Calum Murray
Association Manager, Assistant Association Manager and Referee Committee Representative

Thank you to all our members for your patience and professionalism this year, while it may not have been the year we all expected hopefully there will be more football next year and potentially some normality. Happy New Year to our members and your families we wish you a happy, healthy and safe 2021.

Note for officials in SERYFA – Newcraighall Leith Vics

A reminder to officials:
We have been approached by the SERYFA and had a request regarding a player who requires to wear a cap when playing due to eyesight impairment. Allan Archibald should also be mentioning this to officials but we would like to ask referees in this league to please allow this one player to wear the cap as to not stop them playing the game.

The Management Committee have discussed this at length and agree that the player will be allowed to wear this. The league are aware why this rule is in the Laws of the Game and have accepted the risks that may come with this. No other players will be allowed to wear caps and will follow as per the Laws of the Game. The team this applies to is Newcraighall Leith Vics 2007. Any questions please contact Secretary.

Two successful candidates enter the SCORE 20 Programme!

Congratulations to Alex Shepherd and Mark Harris who have been successful on their applications to the SCORE 20 programme!

The Scottish Centre of Refereeing Excellence (SCORE) is a programme ran by the Scottish FA Referee Operations department in collaboration with Heriot Watt University. It helps to identify and develop talented referees and assistant referees through intensive coaching, observation and training. It has provided the officials with opportunities to obtain one to one coaching and training from experienced coaches. Aside from the refereeing benefits, it will also expose the officials to a number of academic topics which will help them manage and deliver their matches successfully.

Martin Clark had the following to say:
I am confident that the members will join with me in offering their congratulations to both Alex Shepherd and Mark Harris in having secured a place as one of 9 for the 2020 SCORE programme.

The inclusion of both Alex and Mark has ensured that the EDRA are yet again well represented on this prestigious programme. This latest success for Alex and Mark replicates the fortunes of a long list of their colleagues who have successfully completed the SCORE programme.

Exciting times ahead for them both, and it is hoped that their success will be sufficient inspiration for others to want to follow in their footsteps.

Congratulations gentlemen.


Martin Clark
Association Manager

Regional Training Day 2020

Hi everybody,

Martin and I would like to remind and encourage you to attend the forthcoming Regional Training Day for categories 4, 4Dev, 5, 6 and 7 which shall be held on Saturday 16th May online between 10am-12 noon.

Normally we would be holding this at The Oriam as one of the showpiece training events of the year however circumstances dictate otherwise but this should not deter us!!

Football will return and we will still need to be prepared as possibly as we can be so the Training Day will have its usual emphasis on coaching with the use of clips and discussion groups being led by some of the country’s top officials.

No doubt by now you are an expert on Zoom etc so I hope you will find the session both interactive and informative.

Many of you may not have attended a training day before or thought it was not for you but this is a great way to get involved; after all we all love refereeing, we are always learning and unlike other years when we may not have been available due to games we can hopefully attend so why not give it a go?

If you have not already intimated your attendance I would be grateful if you could come back to Martin and I as soon as possible and as always if anybody has any questions please get in touch

I look forward to hearing from you and joining you virtually on the 16th

Mark and Martin

COVID-19 Updates

Update 03/04/20
AGM & Updates from Scottish FA:

All AGM notices have been sent via email and post in the last couple of days. The AGM will be taking place on 16th April via Zoom, details are within the AGM pack on how to join. Should you have any questions please see the hints and tips guide within the AGM pack, if this doesn’t assist then contact the Secretary.

The Referee Operations department have put a number of updates on the Extranet, we have inserted the highlights below but recommend you all log on and read these:

– Referee Operations Online Coaching Schedule: In line with what would have been the original calendar of events the department are putting on some optional Online Coaching events. If you are available to attend please do, I have copied the timetable at the bottom of todays update. These will be available by Zoom and the department will provide information on how to access these.

-Physical Training Material: John McQuade has pulled together a mixture of training material which there should be something for all levels. Whilst your own health and safety is of paramount importance, and any excerises done should be in accordance with government guidelines, we would encourage all referees, where practical, to remain fit and ready for when football recommences. I have attached these materials below for you to access.

Training Programme 2020
FIFA Training Programmes
Training Programme
Pre-Season Training Guide

Referee Operations Video Update: The Referee Operations Department have also recorded a video update for us all. The video introduces options which will allow referees to continue to (voluntarily) benefit from online coaching sessions over a few upcoming Saturday mornings (replaces the previously planned calendar of events), some physical training programmes supplied by John McQuade to help you keep fit whilst stuck in our around your home, and also gives an update on the staff situation within the Referee Operations team.

Click here to view


Vikki Allan

Update 31/03/20
Annual Dinner and AGM
The Management Committee can now confirm that we have taken the difficult but obvious decision to postpone our Annual Awards Dinner which was due to take place on 2nd May.

This has now been moved to 7th November 2020 and we hope that our members, their friends and families can join us then. All details remain the same apart from date change. Anyone who had purchased tickets can use these for the new dates, however if you can no longer attend please contact the member of the Management Committee you purchased these through to receive your refund.

I can also confirm the AGM will take place on 16th April, AGM packs will be issued in the coming days with information on how we are planning to run this.


Vikki Allan

Update 19/03/20

We have been requested by the Scottish FA to cancel all Association Training/Meetings until end of June. As a Management Committee we will continue to meet (via phone) as and when required to ensure the Association is still running.

Centrally this includes Scottish FA cancelling the remaining Calendar of Events, which includes the final SCORE / Female training day on 26/4, Regional Training Days planned for 17th May at Ross County academy (north of Scotland referees) and the Oriam (south of Scotland referees) – as well as Summer training Camp currently planned for Saturday 6th June at Oriam.

They plan to run a shortened summer camp / start of new season camp on a Sunday in either late July or early August where they will combine a fitness test with relevant material and LOTG downloads and will be in touch once further clarity around dates is obtained.

They will also be putting a message on the extranet.

We are currently in discussion with The Village around the Annual Dinner and options for this which we will confirm in due course.

We have also asked the query around membership fees and Scottish FA plans so will update the membership as soon as we have clarity on this also.

Many Thanks,

Vikki Allan
SFAR Edinburgh & District

Update 15/03/20 –

Please see below from Scottish FA –

Please note that the official line to clubs from the Scottish FA on training is that “the decision to suspend or continue training is at each club’s discretion at this time, however clubs must ensure to follow current medical guidance when making this decision”.

“Under no circumstances will friendly matches or ‘bounce games’ be permitted, even if these take place within a scheduled training session”.

Please do not agree to officiate at any friendly, closed door match or training match until further notice.

Update 13/03/2020
Dear Member,

Following the Joint Response Group’s decision to suspend ALL domestic professional and grassroots football under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA until further notice.

The advice from the Referee Operations Department is to suspend all RA meetings and Association training until further notice.

Therefore the SFAR Edinburgh and District will cancel training each week for the foreseeable future and our AGM/April Meeting will be cancelled then rearranged.

Whilst our priority is the health and safety of all match officials, we would encourage referees to continue to train individually, where possible in order to ensure readiness for the resumption of football. However, we would re-iterate that your health and safety is your priority so please do not put yourself at unnecessary risk.

Our advice is to keep an eye on the extranet for updates from the Scottish FA and we will send emails/update social media as the situation progresses.

Many Thanks,

Vikki Allan
SFAR Edinburgh and District

Crawford Allan Appointed Head of Referee Operations – Note from Martin Clark

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to have acknowledged the news of Crawford Allan’s appointment as Head of Refereeing following the sad passing of his predecessor John Fleming in October.

Crawford has been a member of the EDRA throughout his career, one which saw him reaching Category 1, a position he held until his voluntary retirement, albeit then taking up a position as fellow Observer. Clearly he will relinquish that position but now has the opportunity of managing the refereeing family, something I know he looks forward to doing with great pride and pleasure.

I am also confident that the members will be in unison with me in rallying behind and supporting Crawford in everything he chooses to do in his new role.

I look forward to a new era in refereeing and working with Crawford in the months and years ahead.

Martin Clark
Association Manager

For full statement from Scottish FA click here.