Assoc. Manager

Hello my name is Martin Clark I am the current Association Manager for SFA Edinburgh and District Referees.

My role as Association Manager is primarily to assume the responsibility for liaison between the SFA and the Association Management Committee offering advice on refereeing matters as directed by the referee department.

Hello, I’m Mark Doyle and I’m the Assistant Association Manager. My role is to support our Association Manager Martin Clark and so to help act as a liaison between the Scottish FA and our Association.

In addition to the various roles and responsibilities which sit with the Association Manager as listed on the extranet, my main focus in particular is to help support the activities of our Instruction and Development Teams. Often as a first point of contact to the Association through enquiries to attend the New Entrants class, I have the opportunity to meet and introduce prospective new members to the Association and hopefully as they pass through the exam transition them into the guidance of our Development Team.

In Conjunction with the Referees’ Association, Mark and Martin cover:

  • Promoting the interests of refereeing at all times
  • Dealing with all refereeing matters relative to the Referees’ Association which have been forwarded by the Scottish FA
Recruitment Advisors for Grassroots Nominations for Referee List Appointment of Coaching co-ordinator
Appointing Referee Instructors Appointing an Appointments Secretary Review classifications Appointment of fitness trainers
Appointing Grassroots mentors Relationship with local Grassroots leagues Advice, guidance and support Arrange training venues
Arranging suitable Leagues for new referees to officiate in Appointing Child Wellbeing and Protection officer Recommend Development Advisors to SFA Maintain Training register
Club Academy Scotland Development Plans Issues with performance or admin Compiling list of Asst. Referees
Appoint Liaison Officer Attend regional training days Attend relevant meetings with SFA Region Represent SFA when requested
Liaise with the Referee Committee

Any or all of an Association Manager’s roles may be delegated to an Assistant Manager by the Association Manager, the Referee Committee Liaison member or the Referee Operations Department to ensure the smooth running of referee operations within the Referees’ Association.