Two successful candidates enter the SCORE 20 Programme!

Congratulations to Alex Shepherd and Mark Harris who have been successful on their applications to the SCORE 20 programme!

The Scottish Centre of Refereeing Excellence (SCORE) is a programme ran by the Scottish FA Referee Operations department in collaboration with Heriot Watt University. It helps to identify and develop talented referees and assistant referees through intensive coaching, observation and training. It has provided the officials with opportunities to obtain one to one coaching and training from experienced coaches. Aside from the refereeing benefits, it will also expose the officials to a number of academic topics which will help them manage and deliver their matches successfully.

Martin Clark had the following to say:
I am confident that the members will join with me in offering their congratulations to both Alex Shepherd and Mark Harris in having secured a place as one of 9 for the 2020 SCORE programme.

The inclusion of both Alex and Mark has ensured that the EDRA are yet again well represented on this prestigious programme. This latest success for Alex and Mark replicates the fortunes of a long list of their colleagues who have successfully completed the SCORE programme.

Exciting times ahead for them both, and it is hoped that their success will be sufficient inspiration for others to want to follow in their footsteps.

Congratulations gentlemen.


Martin Clark
Association Manager

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