Calum Murray – Pre Season note

The 2018-19 Season domestically has commenced and just a short note to wish all members well for the Season ahead.

2017-18 was a particularly busy and successful Season for the Association at all levels and saw the continued development of our young Officials and the servicing of the game from the Grass Roots level upward. A lot of hard work continues to go on behind the scenes and it is clear that this groundwork is assisting with the further promotion/s onto the Senior List ( Cat 3 ) of Jonathan Gall, Stephen Wilson and Chris Newman. The Female Referee numbers also continue to rise which is also very encouraging, as was some very well deserved positive movement and a further Season’s experience under the belt for those aspiring to progress further in their refereeing.

Whilst the World Cup will have thrown up many talking points, particularly on the use of VAR, it has again in my opinion showcased the fitness levels of the Elite Referees and I would again encourage you all to take advantage of the unique facilities at the Association’s disposal and to continue to work as hard as possible to ensure you are as fit and well prepared for the Season ahead as possible. The LotG changes are thankfully minimal this year, mainly encompassing the use of Video assistance, but nevertheless important as way of a refresher to run through and review the Laws regularly given the changes over the past few Seasons.

Martin, Mark and the respective Association ‘Teams’ continue to look at a number of initiatives to assist the membership on and off the park and, like myself, are available to discuss any aspect of your refereeing that may arise during the course of the Season ahead.

Good luck and enjoy the challenge.


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